Human Emotions

An actor responds to 31 different emotional prompts.

Human Emotions is an ongoing series I created to study the similarities and differences between emotional states: how we express them and interpret them.

Loosely based on psychologist Dr. Robert Plutchik’s Wheel of Emotions (we forgot one), the prompts are rooted in eight primary emotions that serve as the foundation for all others: joy, sadness, acceptance, disgust, fear, anger, surprise and anticipation.

As emotional intelligence becomes the subject of seemingly unlimited think pieces, I’ve been thinking about my ability to categorize my own emotions, as well as how to guide actors I’m directing toward relatable emotional expression. We move through emotions so quickly during the day, rarely stopping to identify the gradations between them. The goal of this series is to investigate the overlapping qualities between emotions and note the similarities and differences not only among participants but also in viewers.